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Point Douglas — “do people really live there?” a lot of people ask me, when I tell them where I live. That’s if they know where it is, a lot of people don’t. But it’s a lovely central little neighbourhood in Winnipeg, sandwiched between Elmwood, The North End, and the…

I previously wrote about a vision that I had while meditating by the river, for a post in a Facebook group I belong to. The version I shared was brief and censored to be more comfortable for the members of the group. …

“Now here I go again I see a crystal vision
I keep my visions to myself”

Beautiful words from a beautiful singer. I, on the other hand, love to talk about my visions and tell others about them. …

Jenn Dyno

I write about social issues, queer identity, spirituality, art, and being an awkward nerd + musician & artist.

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